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Daily Dose - PHP 5.3.5 and 5.2.17 Fix Cruicial "Floating-Point Bug"

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The floating-point bug is an error in the way that PHP converts numbers that may cause system resource problems.  This error opens up a system to a DoS attack on 32-bit systems.  You can find a PHP script that determines whether your system is affected by the bug.

Gaelyk 0.6 Released
The newest version of Gaelyk, a Groovy framework for Google App Engine, has upgraded GAE SDK 1.4 and Groovy 1.7.6.  Channel service support has been added and code coverage has been increased to 82%.  Finally they added the ability to specify the warmup request , use the asynchronous datastore, and build Gaelyk using a new Gradle build script.

A New PHP Framework: FuelPHP
Under development for two months, a new PHP framework for PHP 5.3 is out in beta this week.  FuelPHP is inspired by CodeIgniter and Kohana.  The main advantage of this framework is that it was created specifically for the modern version of PHP.

Amazon App Store Free First Year
We previously covered the announcement of the Amazon App Store, which will feature Android apps initially.  Well some more news is that they're waiving the $99 program fees for the first year that it's open.  This move makes sense if Amazon hopes to compete with the Android Marketplace and later other app stores for developer attention.

Git Master Reference
Material from Git books, manuals, and tutorials - all in one wiki page.  Thanks to Evgeny Goldin for building this valuable resource.

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