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ZK 5 RC Released

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The ZK team is pleased to release ZK 5 RC with its developer-centric and architectural innovation such as Server+Client Fusion and Ajax-as-a-Service. Since 2005 ZK has been renowned for its' server-centric approach, providing the ultimate in productivity gains.

In addition, developers can now optionally leverage the full controllability of client-side programming. It is not about server-centric or client-centric, it is about developer-centric!

With the release of ZK 5 RC come some very important changes.

  • Server+Client Fusion: With ZK 5's new architecture, developers can not only leverage the productivity boost of the server-centric architecture, but also the full controllability and instant responsiveness of client-side programming.
  • jQuery: ZK 5 now allows developers to maximize the user experience using enterprise-level ZK widgets and the simplicity of jQuery.
  • Ajax-as-a-Service: ZK 5 now brings the ability to load client-side JavaScript packages from distributed servers. This delivers EAI integration client-side, enabling the same close knit ease of backend integration but at the client!
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