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Your Refcardz WishList: What Cards Would You Like To Appear in the Series?

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As you know by now, we're celebrating the launch of our 100th Refcard at DZone this week. Today I have a simple question for you: are there any Refcardz that you would like to see in the series? If you've ever thought "there should be a Refcard for that", here is a chance for you to get that on the list for the future.

One card that I'd really like to see is a UML Refcard: UML translates nicely into the refcard format, and it would be a great addition to the Design Patterns refcard.Here's my own wishlist:

  • ObjectiveC
  • Publishing An iPhone App
  • Getting Started With Android 
  • Basic Javascript

Most of the above are related to work I'm doing right now. I'm sure there's more that I'd like to see, but that would be my top 4 at the moment.

Now, over to you, what refcardz would you like to see appear in the series.


Alois Cochard replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 6:07am

Would love some refercardz about basic language feature/syntax for : - Clojure - Erlang Thanks ;)

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 7:14am

Here's a couple I'd like to see off the top of my head:

  • Getting Started with HTML5
  • Getting Started with CSS3
  • Grails
  • Griffon
  • Guice
  • Application performance testing tools


Pavel Rudensky replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 10:29am

Mercurial, Smart GWT

Michele Mauro replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 10:31am

Scala (but wait for 2.8 to stabilize)

CouchDB (another great idea)

Clojure (I'm with Cochard)

Tellurium (Extension to the Selenium Testing Framework)

The ones on SOA and Agile where very good, too.


Rainer Hilmer replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 10:34am

RefCardz about the TPL in .net 4 (plural because I think just one RefCard could not cover the whole thing).

Francisco Benavides replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 10:35am

These are the refcardz I would like to see:

- Django Eclipse setup for rapid development
- Django Cherokee setup for developement and productiion
- Django AJAX guide
- Django Google AppEngine setup
- Django Google AppEngine BigTable setup
- Django HTML 5 guide

Hamish Lawson replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 11:23am

Update for Groovy

Update for Grails (if relevant changes)

Python 3

Fabio Serragnoli replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 11:39am

I'd like the top 4 to be:
  1. AJAX
  2. Hibernate
  3. Echo (http://echo.nextapp.com/site/)
  4. Groovy

Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 11:54am

  • Spring Security Annotations
  • Dependency Injection with EJB3 Part 2 (more advanced)
  • JEE Security (JSR250) Part 2 (more advanced)
And please no more "Geting started with XXXXXX Obscure technology" refcards. They're low on content and rather useless. Some of the best refcards you have are the "Core CSS" series and the "Design Patterns" which are very content heavy. If these refcards are supposed to be references, they should really have a thorough explanation and listing of the options and capabilities of each annotation or framework piece.

Jonathan Fisher replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 11:55am in response to: Mitch Pronschinske

There are already CSS refcards! They're incredible and very well written with lots of content

Manuel Jordan replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 12:48pm

Hello James

I have seen this link http://refcardz.dzone.com/home, I see that the card list is based in pagination, can DZone include a link to able us download the complete 100 cards list within a PDF file? and a textfield for card search?, perhaps include a list based by categories, like Frameworks, Web, Web Services, Databases etc to help us do a fast search query

I would be happy see cards about:

  • Terracotta
  • GridGain
  • Spring dm Server
  • MySQL and Postgresql Migration between them
  • Flex, ActionScript
  • Spring Roo =)
  • Groovy and Grails

Thanks a lot for your effort for each author and for DZone for offer this excellent community!

James Sugrue replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 2:15pm in response to: Manuel Jordan

Great suggestions for topics and for functionality. And don't forget that our iPhone & iPad apps for Refcardz will be on the way soon.


Ashish Jain replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 3:26pm

1. Cards based upon cloud computing, amazon ec2 / google app 2. Secure computing, telling all about ssl / encyption 3. Linux file system, navigating though different shells/directory structure etc. 4. Caching in java using ehcache as example.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 3:54pm

Also, the Play Framework is a very interesting competitor to GWT

Bill Fly replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 4:27pm


Sébastien Dubois replied on Wed, 2010/05/26 - 11:36pm

Here are some refcards I'd like to see:
  • Grails + AppEngine
  • Grails + RESTful Web services
  • Regex
Thanks for the series! :)

Manuel Jordan replied on Thu, 2010/05/27 - 8:00am in response to: James Sugrue

Thanks James, I have other request not related with cards, I suggest to DZone create a Zone about the video interviews and conferences.


Jim Bethancourt replied on Fri, 2010/05/28 - 12:26pm

I was thinking a refcard on classloaders could be really handy since it's so easy to get into trouble if you're not careful. Thanks, Jim

Barry Teel replied on Tue, 2010/06/01 - 7:44pm in response to: Ashish Jain


RefCard #82 'Getting Started with Cloud Computing' might satisfy your 1st request.


Barry Teel replied on Tue, 2010/06/01 - 7:48pm

A refcard about using MiGLayout when building GUI's would get my vote - 50% devoted to Java apps & 50% devoted to Clojure apps.

Vinay Chandra replied on Wed, 2010/06/02 - 12:31am

  • Database Partitioning and other tuning techniques
  • Comparison of Popular MVC frameworks
  • Comparison of Persistence frameworks
  • Advanced file systems for Linux
  • Basic tuning for Java production environment

David Ahern replied on Tue, 2010/06/08 - 8:23am

Socket level programming best practices
GC optimisation, Memory Management best practices
Classloaders, OSGi frameworks, Spring dm, etc...
AJAX inc. various frameworks DWR, etc
Android Dev

would be my votes


Nicholas Wright replied on Thu, 2010/06/24 - 9:47am

Definitely Mercurial. I've been living with CVS for a number of years, I need a quick course in Mercurial basics/bit more than basics.

Kingsly Theodar replied on Wed, 2010/08/11 - 3:51pm


Steve Amerige replied on Fri, 2010/08/20 - 6:43am

My votes:

  • CSS3 (including browser compatibility info and what can be used today across the top browsers)
  • HTML5 (including browser compatibility info and what can be used today across the top browsers)
  • Web Accessibility (WAI, etc., focusing on the indicating the most useful constructs)
  • Top Eclipse Plugins (showcase the highest-value and, hopefully free, plugins)
  • JavaScript Framework Matrix (comparing the top JavaScript frameworks--WOW, would that be useful)
See the pattern above?  It's great to have Refcardz information; but, it is even more helpful to be told where the highest value exists for any Refcardz topic.  That's often the challenge... knowing what is really useful.

What Spedia replied on Sun, 2010/09/26 - 4:56pm

Yes, Scala is a long waited

Rio Malaschitz replied on Tue, 2011/01/18 - 11:10am

According to Google Trends Play Framework is growing.

Aaron Kaka replied on Thu, 2011/05/26 - 12:03pm

Play! Framework, which is actually an interesting competitor to Grails

Nimantha Colomb... replied on Tue, 2014/04/15 - 4:17am


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