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You Definitely Should Use MongoDB (Sometimes)

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There's been a lot of talk about MongoDB this week. We covered Sarah Mei's notorious blog post and heard a response from RavenDB creator Ayende Rahien, but this post from Shahal Tharique's blog takes the post apart in a question-and-answer format: The rhetorical questions Mei asks in the post, Tharique answers. He comes to the conclusion that the Diaspora team in Mei's post deeply misunderstood some aspects of MongoDB, and that the blame may be misplaced.

In other words, you should use MongoDB - not all the time for everything, but when it is appropriate - because MongoDB wasn't the problem with the Diaspora project. The Diaspora team was the problem.

Tharique also suggests what most are probably thinking, which is that there was a click-hungry intention in the title of Mei's post. After all, her conclusion is ultimately not that you should never use MongoDB, but that it may be over-hyped and may not always be appropriate, which is a much gentler assertion than the title implies. If the title reflected the content, responses to the Diaspora story may have been more sympathetic.

Then again, sometimes you just have to get some clicks, right?