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Worldwide Virtual JMS 2 Hands-on-Lab on Thursday

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I will be running a JMS 2 hands-on-lab this Thursday the 14th at 1:00 PM EST. Stephen Chin is graciously hosting the lab through his excellent NightHacking virtual worldwide meetups. The goal is to give you some first-hand experience with the primary changes in JMS 2. The lab is open to absolutely anyone.

The lab will be three hours total. In the first hour or so I'll be doing a brief presentation overviewing JMS 2 and going over the JMS 2 Javadocs. The rest of the time you will actually be writing JMS 2 code mostly by yourself but with a little bit of help from me. Whether it can be called TDD (Test-Driven Development) is debatable but you'll basically be putting in code to finish a set of JUnit tests using JMS 2, starting from incomplete code with comments on what to do (don't worry, a completed solution is also posted for you; it's also totally fine to not finish all the tests in the time allocated). Don't worry too much if you can't attend in person. I've designed the lab materials to be fairly self-guided so you can definitely use the lab materials on your own at a more convenient time. You are always welcome to reach out when needed. The following is the deck I'll be using for the lab:

The lab materials are hosted on GitHub. Make sure to at least read the setup instructions on the GitHub project read me. We will be using NetBeans 8, GlassFish 4 and Arquillian for the lab. As always, you are very welcome to use the lab materials yourself (perhaps to run the lab in your own company?) - I am happy to help if needed.

The details of the event are posted here. Hope to see you in the lab?

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