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WindowBuilder and CodePro Profiler are Coming to Eclipse

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A few minutes ago, I posted two exciting new project proposals.

WindowBuilder is already known as one of the best Java GUI builders on the market. It supports both SWT and Swing and is fully bi-directional, meaning that you can work on the code or the visual design – it’s your choice. Just as importantly, the architecture is extensible so the team hopes to see additional designers built on top. Part of the goal here will be to create an ecosystem of open source and commercial extensions that make use of WindowBuilder’s core functionality to create GUI designers, as Google plans to do with its GWT Designer offering.

Runtime Analysis Tools (RAT) comes from CodePro Profiler, an excellent Java application profiling tool. The profiler supports Java developers to inspect the running applications, find performance bottlenecks, detect memory leaks and solve problems regarding thread concurrency in Java applications.

Both of these projects intend to join the simultaneous release to be part of Indigo. They should also find a place in one of more of the downloadable Eclipse packages (e.g. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers).

If you have any questions about the new projects, post them on the Proposals Forum

I’m very excited about this. I’ve had fits of uncontrolled giggling for days.

Credit goes to Mike for the the project descriptions. I “liberated” them from an early draft of a blog post and touched them up a little.

From http://dev.eclipse.org/blogs/wayne/2010/12/15/windowbuilder-and-codepro-profiler-are-coming-to-eclipse/

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Andrew McVeigh replied on Thu, 2010/12/16 - 10:43am

this is a huge development.  these tools were a bargain even at their previous prices, they are simply the most advanced in their space regardless of language or IDE.  the fact that they are now free (as in beer and speech) for any developer is a big win for the java ecosystem.

(then again, i can't help feel a bit sorry for commercial profiler companies...)

Luis Carlos Mor... replied on Tue, 2010/12/21 - 5:10am


Great post, Wayne!

It will be a big benefit for developers, if successful will be one of the committers for WindowBuilder, in part about DataBinding and integration with Eclipse RAP!

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