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What's The Coolest Java Based Application Out There?

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After reading a recent DZone article that discussed how to create a version of Shazam in Java, it got me thinking about what are the best Java based applications that are out there right now? If you were to showcase what Java can do, where would you point someone?

Perhaps it's a JavaME or Android app, a web based application, or something written with JavaFX. There are bound to be lots of great applications based on Java that most people are unaware of.  We had a similar rundown of Ten Amazing Java Applications about two years ago, but it's time for an update?

Please share any of your favorite Java applications here. We all love Java here so let's get a really good list of applications together, showing what Java can do.




Alois Cochard replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 5:41am

Eclipse ;)

Mihai Dinca - P... replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 6:43am

'Coolest' in which way? I think there should be at least two application groups :

- Coolest application regarding 'User Interface'

- Coolest application regarding 'Usage'

Some business / algorithms applications will never have a very appealing UI.

So lets share first the applications we like. 

1. IntelliJ ;)       : http://www.jetbrains.com/idea/

2. DBVisualizer  : http://www.dbvis.com/

3. NextReports   : http://www.next-reports.com/

Endre Varga replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 7:27am

Scala ;)

Endre Varga replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 7:28am

While not an app, GWT is surely cool!

Michael Nischt replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 7:44am

Revenge of the Titans: http://www.puppygames.net/revenge-of-the-titans/

Anthony Goubard replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 9:19am

Well, I think that Runescape is a cool Java app:
and their internal tool to create 3D monster (Showed at Javaone) looks also cool.

The Swing team also used to make a list of what they think were the coolest Swing apps:


Jay Huang replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 10:24am

Don’t  mean to prompt our software here but if you are looking for some good Java based desktop apps, check out the Java apps at http://www.nexpixel.com.

PM Animation is a 2D bitmap animation software for creating standard animated gif and Flash SWF with sound.  It has a lot of effect filters, drawing tools and other useful tools to help with the creation of animation contents.

PelScreen is a screen capture software. It can be used to capture any on screen video with sound and generate FLV video content. It can capture video with pretty good frame rate along with sound and very few dropped frames.  The video preview and thumbnail generation for each video frame shows how fast that Java can be to load images.

fred jones replied on Mon, 2010/06/07 - 3:39pm

I second GWT.  It's amazing in both what it does and how it does it.  When I first heard about cross compiling Java code into JavaScript I thought it was an April Fools joke.  After using it and learning more about how it works, I appreciate it even more. Go GWT team!

Georgia Faulkner replied on Fri, 2011/04/29 - 2:38am

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