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What are the challenges of implementing an ERP system?

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When a company decides to rollout an ERP system as part of its core business processes they must consider and provide solutions for the following general challenges. It is important to note that this list is generic and that every ERP system that rolls out is as distinct as the companies that are trying to implement the system.

  • Upper Management Support
  • Reengineering Existing Business Process and Applications
  • Integration of the ERP with other existing departmental applications
  • Implementation Time
  • Implementation Costs
  • Employee Training

I just recently read an article by Mano Billi called “What are the major challenges in implementing ERP? “ were he basically outlines the common challenges to implementing an ERP system within a company. He discusses items like Upper management support, altering existing systems, and how ERPs integrate with other independent systems. In addition, he also covers items on selecting a ERP vendor, ERP Consultants, and the effects of an ERP system on employees.  I personally think he did a create job of outlining common issues that can cause an ERP implementation to fail or not be as effective as it potentially could be if the challenges are not taken in to account appropriately.

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