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Web server performance test with ApacheBench

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When you set up new web server instance you need to test its performance. Same thing when you need to change some option that can directly affect web server performance or you want to make it better. There are a lot of tools available for doing that, but my favorite is ApacheBench.
Basically it is simple tool that is available almost on all Linux distributions like basic package. Usage:

ab [options] [http[s]://]hostname[:port]/path

To perform web server performance test with ApacheBench execute this sample command that will send 1000 requests to the server:

ab -n 1000 http://HOSTNAME:80/

Most used options for ApacheBench are:

-n requests     Number of requests to perform
-c concurrency  Number of multiple requests to make

Also there are useful options like:

-e filename     Output CSV file with percentages served
-X proxy:port   Proxyserver and port number to use
-k              Use HTTP KeepAlive feature

For full list of options use help:

ab -h

I hope it will be useful to know about this great tool.

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