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Video of Cool JavaFX Demos at JavaOne 2008

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During the Tuesday afternoon general session at JavaOne 2008, there were some cool JavaFX-related announcements and demos. Grab some popcorn and watch this video of a portion of the session, which includes:

  • An announcement that ON2 and Sun now have a relationship that will make the ON2 video codec available as part of the Java and JavaFX platforms. This will allow video to be converted to a common format and played on any machine or device that supports Java.
  • The JavaFX version of the parleys.com website, which is the Belgium Java Users Group's (JUG) site for sharing video presentations about Java. Stephan Janssen, who leads the JUG as well as the JavaPolis conference in Belgium, presented the site with Jo Voordeckers, the JavaFX developer of the site. Stephan also announced that any JUG can post presentation videos to the new parleys.com site, which up to now has received most of its content from the JavaPolis conferences.
  • An early peek at a design tool for JavaFX in which graphics can be created in Photoshop and Illustrator, and exported for use by a JavaFX program. This tool is currently named Distiller, and will support the collaboration of graphic designers and software developers. As a side note, ReportMill is also making some great progress on their JavaFX designer tool.
  • A demo of a three-dimensional multi-player game named MoonTank developed in JavaFX. One of the demonstrators is Chris Oliver, the founder of JavaFX.

Enjoy the video. This JavaFX stuff is getting exciting!

Jim Weaver
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Steven Baker replied on Thu, 2008/05/15 - 6:12pm

my god! it's scary that such half wits have so much pulling power in the java world!

i guess i better start learning another programming language... i can see where this one is heading... 

Jose Smith replied on Thu, 2008/05/15 - 8:48pm

Thanks Jim.  I was waiting for someone to post some javafx videos... :)

Jacek Furmankiewicz replied on Thu, 2008/05/15 - 9:14pm

It is a cool approach that designers can export to javaFX script from Illustrator..

... but wouldn't a better idea be to provide a native PSD / AI /  SVG format renderer in Java? No need to export...just use Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/SVG files directly from Java. Just a suggestion :-)

Not even Adobe's own Flex can do that if I recall...

Max Smart replied on Fri, 2008/05/16 - 7:22am

Meanwhile, "the watch video of this session" is in flash! Irony or being realistic.  Early bird catches the worm, Java had it's chance to be a video option years ago, it missed it, and now Flash owns video embedding in the browser. Just ask MS who also lost to Flash video. Just my 2 cents, I will stick with server Java where it's safe to say it will be around for a long time. Wasting time and resources on client Java, I will leave to you guys... enjoy ;)



Riyad Kalla replied on Fri, 2008/05/16 - 4:32pm in response to: Max Smart

Max, are there licensing issues to work around to supporting Flash in Java? For example, providing a simple default Flash video player?


That seems the big hickup to me, not a technical one. 

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