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Upgrading to Spring 3.1

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A few days ago I thought that it was about time to upgrade my sample code to Spring 3.1, after all it’s been around for a respectable amount of time and has a couple of bug fix releases.

Upgrading to Spring 3.1 is very simple of upgrading your Maven version number and rebuilding, something like this:


After recompiling you’ll probably find a whole bunch of newly deprecated classes such as XmlBeanFactory, which has been deprecated in favour of DefaultListableBeanFactory so,
    Resource resource = new ClassPathResource("example2.xml");
    return new XmlBeanFactory(resource);


    Resource resource = new ClassPathResource("example2.xml");

    DefaultListableBeanFactory beanFactory = new DefaultListableBeanFactory();
    BeanDefinitionReader reader = new XmlBeanDefinitionReader(beanFactory);

For a full list of deprecated classes

The next thing to do is option, but a good idea is to change your Spring XML headers from 3.0 to 3.1 so that the XML schema’s referenced end in -3.1.xsd. For example:


The easiest way of doing this is to use eclipse’s global replace to replace to change -3.0.xsd with -3.1.xsd, but have a quick check first before your do this...

The reason for updating your schema’s is to take advantage of Spring’s new features, but more on that later...
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Rob Connell replied on Wed, 2012/08/08 - 5:54pm

I was just getting into the article and then it stopped ....

Roger Hughes replied on Fri, 2012/08/10 - 5:48am in response to: Rob Connell

That's because it's in several parts. The next part is currently available here, and will shortly be available on Javalobby.

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