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Tutorial on Writing and Monitoring Law-Latency, High-Throughput Systems in Java

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I am providing a three hour tutorial at JAX London this year.

In a short presentation similar to the one I will be giving at JavaOne 2013, I will be covering such topics as:

  • GC free, lockless coding
  • Low latency coding (less than 10 microseconds )
  • High throughput (Over 100K request/responses per second on a laptop)
  • Using Chronicle for low latency persistence
  • Using sun.misc.Unsafe
  • Using System.nanoTime() between machines
  • Use cases in finance
All using Apache 2.0 open source software, i.e. nothing to buy.

About 80% of the time will be hands-on examining a demonstration program which you can run on a laptop, lifting the bonnet and learning how to extend it for your purposes.

What you should get out of this is to see how being able to log everything you could want changes your architecture and the way you test and monitor your applications in production (in particular its performance)

If you are going to JAX London and you want to attend, sign up quick because this session already appears to be popular
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