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Top 10 Java Twitterers

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Twitter has become a fantastic tool for me to keep up with what's going around in the Java and Eclipse communities. This is all down to following the right people. Here I'd like to share my list of the top 10 twitterers with you.


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You can get most of the DZone team on Twitter already.



10) Martin Fowler @martinfowler

Form an overall view of software development, there's few better people to follow than Martin Fowler from Thoughtworks. 

9) Robert Martin @unclebobmartin

Great to follow for thoughts, advice and articles on software craftsmanship and best practices.



8) Adrian Colyer @adriancolyer

As CTO at SpringSource, Adrian is well worth following to keep track one of the most popular Java frameworks.



7)Kent Beck @KentBeck

Kent Beck is well known as the author of Extreme Programming. It's interesting to watch what's he's up to at the moment with his frequently updated feed.




6)Tim O'Reilly @timoreilly

Founder and CEO of O'Reilly media, Tim always tweets interestingand insightful news and articles from around the web.


5)Neil Bartlett  @njbartlett

For more Eclipse and OSGi related musings,tips and articles, Neil is a great person for your following list.



4) Adam Bien @AdamBien

As a Java champion, Adam is a great person to follow. I've been keeping up with all the news from this week's JAX conference by following him on Twitter.



3)Alex Miller  @puredanger

Alex's articles are always well received by the Java community, and when it comes to Java 7 coverage, Alex is unmatched! I've found loads of interesting links from following his @puredanger Twitter feed. 



2)Chris Aniszcyk  @caniszczyk

Chris is another guy who really clicked with Twitter in the Eclipse community. He put together this page for all Eclipse twitter-ers to add their tags, and be followed - genius! You'll also get loads of Eclipse tips through Chris' feed, along with news from EclipseSource.

Ian Skerrett @IanSkerrett

Ian is Director of Marketting at the Eclipse Foundation. If you want to keep up to date with what's going on in the Eclipse community, Ian is one of the best people to follow. He has really embraced Twitter as a means of communication and marketting. His re-tweets are always relevant. Ian was also responsible for taking tweeting to new levels at this year's EclipseCon, by organising a "bird's nest" and a screen showing all conference related tweets. 


So that's my list - you can follow me on Twitter as @dzonejames. There's no doubt that I've missed some people who deserve to be in a top 10 list. It's your job to let me know who! 


Roger Studner replied on Fri, 2009/04/24 - 8:36am

Martin Fowlers Link also points to Adrian Coyler


James Sugrue replied on Fri, 2009/04/24 - 8:49am

Thanks for spotting the error - just fixed it there


Jakob Jenkov replied on Mon, 2009/04/27 - 6:18am

Who's got time to watch other peoples constant updates on Twitter? :-) How much can a 140 character message really convey, anyways... ?!?

Rainer Eschen replied on Mon, 2009/04/27 - 6:59am

Jacob you've to try it yourself until you understand why it works. For me it's one of the best information sources these days. Although, you have to follow guys not talking about banality but about job stuff, like Java, Flex - you guess it.

Paulo Pinto replied on Tue, 2009/04/28 - 8:23am

I am still to understand what is all about Twitter that Blogs+RSS can't provide.

Plus not everyone has nice jobs where you can access twitter and be following it all the time.

Forrest Humphrey replied on Tue, 2009/04/28 - 11:04am

Michael Feathers is another great one: http://twitter.com/mfeathers

Jakob Jenkov replied on Wed, 2009/04/29 - 3:26am

Hmmm... I guess I'll have to try it some day then :-) To see what it is. I only just recently got on Facebook, because I had my doubts about what it could provide, that LinkedIn didn't already provide... anyways, Rainer Eschen, you are right. I'll have to try it to see how it works - when it works - and when it doesn't work etc.

And when I do try it out, I'll try following these twitter-guys, to see how to use Twitter "seriously".

vineet kaushik replied on Wed, 2009/08/05 - 1:57am

What exactly this twitter is ??????????

Carla Brian replied on Fri, 2012/06/22 - 8:28pm

They do really have good resources about Java.  Keep up the good work. - CWD Construction

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