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Tiggr Interactive HTML prototypes - What's Coming Up

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We are working hard on getting the next major release of Tiggr out and have planned a number of major and user requested features: actions and events, templates and annotations (notes). Here is a quick preview of what's coming up!


Expanded actions and events


Today you can navigate between pages but wouldn't it be cool if it was possible to define other actions and events. Well, that's coming up. We are expending actions and events feature and soon you will be able to set events such as onclick, onchange and others and associate actions with those events such as setting a value, opening a pop-up window and much more. We are taking HTML prototypes to, well, real HTML prototypes.


Screen templates


Who doesn't need or like templates? As the prototype becomes bigger, making changes that repeat on every page becomes more difficult and time consuming. That's why we are introducing templates. You will be able to save any screen as a template and then use the template to create new pages based on it. How do you like this time-saving feature!


Annotations (notes)


Need to comment on particular component or design? Need to leave a note for other users with whom you shared the prototype? You will be able to do it very soon. We are adding annotations feature where you can add notes to the prototype (these notes will not be visible in Web Preview of course).

But, don't wait, try Tiggr today!

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Oleg Varaksin replied on Wed, 2011/03/30 - 2:47am

Great post, Max, as always. Interactive HTML prototypes and annotations (notes) are very handy features.

Tu Pham replied on Wed, 2011/03/30 - 10:53pm

Great ! A good solution

But in case of WEB,


Cannot free design HTML, must be follow layout engine

Max Katz replied on Thu, 2011/03/31 - 10:00pm in response to: Tu Pham

@Tu: Thanks! We have six layout containers, each one supports 4 layout options (vertical, horizontal, flow, and absolute). So, it's very flexible. You should be able to achieve pretty much what you can do "manually". If you run into any problems, don't hesitate to ping us on

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