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Is SQL the New NoNoSQL?

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Some websites are made to inspire debate, and this is one: "NoSQL vs. SQL: SQL is the new NoNoSQL." It contains a side-by-side comparison of SQL and NoSQL in general, assigning each a "yes," "no," or "maybe" for different questions, such as "is it based upon a rock-solid theory," "will it still be there in 10 years," "can it scale up," and many more. The results for each column are then added up to determine a winner.

The yes-or-no rankings are justified, though. After the comparison, explanations and arguments are given for most of the assertions. The conclusion, ultimately, is that NoSQL in general is an often unnecessary alternative to SQL, with more disadvantages than advantages. Take a look at the full comparison and see what you think: Is SQL the new NoNoSQL? Leave a comment and let us know your take.