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SpringSource Acquires Gemstone Systems

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SpringSource have continued their expansion today with the acquisition GemStone Systems, an enterprise data management solutions provider. This further enables SpringSource and VMWare's vision to provide reliable, scalable infrastructure for cloud-centric enterprise applications.  Using GemStone's data management solutions, customers can make the right data available at the right time to applications within a distributed cloud environment. 

“Data management technologies are fundamental to the creation of applications, and with the rise of virtualization and cloud computing, the manner in which applications need to access data is evolving,” said Rod Johnson, general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware. “Cloud computing is a distributed deployment model, and for that reason, caching and data accessibility are of far greater strategic importance than before. We are acquiring and will integrate into the SpringSource portfolio a well-regarded set of high-performing data management solutions with GemStone.”

Having recently acquired Rabbit Technologies and hiring Salvatore Sanfilippo, the lead developer for the Redis project, SpringSource are showing real committment to providing solutions for cloud computing, and the role of data management.


Sirikant Noori replied on Fri, 2012/03/30 - 12:55pm

It would be a Gr8 solution for data managment

The acquisition of the data managment solution provider was a wise decision for SpringSource. GemStone system is a great solution provider enterprise for data management. A reliable infrastructure would come up for applications that involve cloud. Accurate data will be provided at the spot to applications that would be an edge.


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