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Spring Roo project updates...

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It's been a while and all has been quiet on my front - I've been buried with day-job work, and enjoying not having to update a book in a while :)

A quick note on Spring Roo - looks like there are plans for a 1.2.4 release sometime in the summer. Alan Stewart tweeted this earlier in the week. Also, the Roobot, which accepts new OSGi bundles and also provides for downloading of existing ones, went down for a while, but due to some work recently by Alan it's up and running for internal bundles as of today.

If you're using Roo and need some basic Roo-provided bundles, they are now online.

Alan is working on getting the Roobot stabilized (some project descriptor might be causing trouble, we'll have to see which one - at one point it was mine). Once that's done they can re-populate the repository with the user-contributed ones.

Finally, the download link seems to be broken (the initial Download button works, but once you bypass registration and go to the download form, the real link is not a link), but follow my reply on this forum thread for a quick workaround.

Once Roo 1.2.4 gets ready for takeoff, I'll post my notes on it. I've recently submitted a contributor agreement to help Alan with some things here and there, and if they accept it, I'll be able to do a bit more for the community.


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