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Spring Hibernate on Google App Engine with Google Cloud SQL

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In my blog I shared my first application which was developed with Google Cloud SQL. It was only a JSP and Servlet based web application. Afterwards I mainly focused on developing a Struts, Spring & Hibernate based application and deploying it to Google App Engine where the data source is Cloud SQL.

In Last weekend I got a time to focus on this idea. So finally I have deployed my Struts, Spring and Hibernate based application in to GAE and it's data source( Database) is Google Cloud SQL. If you are migrating your existing Spring Hibernate based application in to GAE and Cloud SQL, there is not much to do.

Full Source Code(with all Jars): http://code.google.com/p/cloudsql/
Hosted Example Application : http://mycloudsql.appspot.com/
Blog post: http://cnapagoda.blogspot.com/2011/10/google-cloud-sql-with-struts-spring-and.html
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Nigel Eiland replied on Thu, 2011/11/10 - 3:12am

@JavaLobby admins: this is an article, and says about the same as the authors other one. Why is it in Announcements ?

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