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Spring Founder Moves On To New Adventures

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Yesterday, Rod Johnson, the founder of Spring, announced that he is to leave VMWare to pursue some new interests. In 2001, Rod changed the way we look at enterprise software when he published Expert One-on-One J2EE Design and Development. And he followed through with those ideas in 2002 when he founded Spring, bringing a credible alternative to the enterpise solutions available at the time.

Spring is an amazing framework that has stood the test of time, and brought around a level of simplicity that we take for granted these days. 

Of course, it's not like he's going to turn his back on the Spring community: 

Ten years is a long time. I’m ready for some different challenges. I’ll always be part of the Spring community, and will continue to contribute ideas. And like any parent that has helped raise a child to maturity, I am proud and excited to see the new places where Spring will go.

I interviewed Rod back in 2008, talking about the roots of Spring and where it was going at the time. You can read the interview, and listen to the podcast here. It'll be exciting to see what Rod will get up to next. 



Reference: http://blog.springsource.org/2012/07/03/oh-the-places-youll-go/


Dale Wyttenbach replied on Wed, 2012/07/04 - 8:47am

Thanks, Rod...I hope you're financially set, you deserve it.

Sivaprasadreddy... replied on Thu, 2012/07/05 - 10:32pm

What would be the impact on java/spring users with Rod's move out of vmware/springsource?

Who is going to be step-father of Spring now :-) 

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