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Spock and Roo - Maven's Conventions Step In To Mess With Me

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Ok, here's a cautionary tale.

I had everything working just fine in one project using Spock - on Jenkins builds I was getting code coverage working. It was great!

Hey, listen, keep this in mind:

src/test/java is NOT src/main/groovy! Now my jQuery project is starting to use code coverage - go ahead and view the report...

Oh, and one more thing: bind them to test-compile, not test. AAAHH!


Ok, here's my maven build fragment for running the tests (I assume now that the file set is no longer needed...)




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Fahmeed Nawaz replied on Tue, 2012/06/12 - 11:12am

That is totally fine.
The connections are at the server level and don't care which db they
are being used for.

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