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Solr Explain 0.9.1 – New version

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After a few weeks (counting Christmas, when people don’t usually analyze theirs Solr queries ;) ) we would like to share some thoughts about releasing explain.solr.pl. We noticed the following:

  • Explain tool have goaded some attention, but most to the explains are marked as private.
  • In relatively large amount of explain only query was submit instead of the whose response.
  • Often the results don’t have diagnostic information (debugQuery=true).
  • Unreleased Apache Solr 4.0 is quite popular :)
  • Explain parser did a good job (of course without counting the obvious Solr 4.0 explain parsing problems).
Our thoughts:

  • We need to work on clarity of the messages.
  • We need to focus on enabling Solr 4.0 explain parsing.

Today new version of explain.solr.pl was deployed. The changes are as follows:

  • Simple analysis of query performance was added.
  • Displayed messages are now more user friendly.
  • Explain parser was corrected according to text files generated by Solr 3.5 unit test cases.
  • Minor GUI enhancements.

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