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Revolutionaries usually keep acting the part right up until they are swallowed up into some huge corporate conglomerate. When I read this today I thought ‘wow, this is like hearing that Che Guevara is taking a job at Disney.‘ (Yeah, ok, Che‘s dead so that‘s not going to happen but…). Anyway, all the holy sanctimony of the everything should be free tweaker brigade is now being brought to you by the slimiest flesh peddlers in the history of the world. How perfect is that? Forget Che, it‘s like finding out that the Dutch West India Company stepped in to take over the Federal bank during Reconstruction.

The sickest part is I bet there are a bunch of people who saw this and thought ‘awesome, we can tweak the kernel for another 2 decades.‘ Or ‘we can still take over the desktop! people will be ok with having to click through a few resumes to get their email!‘

I really am not an OSS hater at all, there is some great open source. However, the philosophy of open source is so broken it makes Fred Rogers sound like Seneca. It‘s really time to just admit that the only difference with open source is that the people who are paying are not paying directly for the software, which is frankly a convenient way to avoid being held accountable for the fact that it‘s not done most of the time.


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Michele Mauro replied on Thu, 2012/09/20 - 8:51am

I don't get it: what does Slashdot have in common with open source software? sure, it was one of the original meeting places of FLOSS people, but it has nothing to do with "software"; it's a news site!

 BTW, how was last Quarter's Microsoft's earning report? and how was Red Hat's?

Steve Ck replied on Mon, 2012/09/24 - 12:21am


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