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Searching Maven Central

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It seems that no matter how much you read about software and how much you try and learn, you always seem to miss something pretty useful. I’ve been using Maven for at least three years and only found out a few weeks ago that you can search the Maven repository for artifacts... Duh! It seems the obvious thing to do, but if you’ve never seen something...

So this very small blog is just a reminder, firstly that the URL for the Maven repository search is and that you can never know everything, so keep learning.

As you can see from the screen shot, you just type in a keyword and get a list of possible matches... and clicking on a match and then a version number, you even get the POM file entry you need.

How cool’s that?


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Christian Kaltepoth replied on Sun, 2011/10/02 - 2:25am

You could also have a look at the "official" Maven Central search engine here:

I for myself prefer it over, but I think that just a case of personal taste! :)

Sam Lewis replied on Sun, 2011/10/02 - 5:23am

I switched to because mvnrepository was slow at times: The ability to search by class can be useful.

Vinayak Borkar replied on Mon, 2011/10/03 - 12:07am

GrepCode ( provides source code search of Maven and OSGi repositories. In addition to searching projects and Java sources, it also provides a navigable source code browser like an IDE.

Neil Crow replied on Mon, 2011/10/03 - 2:07pm in response to: Vinayak Borkar

+1 for grepcode !

Albert Liptay replied on Tue, 2011/10/04 - 3:47pm

mvnrepository fills a need just nicely, been using it for years. Glad you finally found it.

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