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Rod Johnson Joins Typesafe

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Original author is Jan Machacek

So, Rod Johnson is joining Typesafe. This means that Spring is going to be rewritten in Scala (viz Scaladoc for AbstractScalaCheckTransactionalFunctionalSpringSpecification); that SpringData is going to start using Slick core and that Spring Framework 3.2 is going to be the last one that will be officially supported on Web[Logic | Sphere]. On the Akka side, starting with 2.2, Akka is going to require WebLogic 12c to run.2109

Of course not

Nothing dramatic is going to happen to your favourite framework. Scala & Akka is not suddenly going to become infected with Spring’s Java-ness; nor does it mean that Spring Framework is going to drop support for the typical Java EE beasts lurking inside your favourite Java EE application server. In fact, I think that Spring Framework is going to send its feelers out into the Scala world, and allow Java programmers to start writing portions of their Spring applications in Scala.

If the adoption of Scala and Akka is the aim, then Rod Johnson joining Typesafe is definitely good news. He brings a name (and experience) that the target companies may recognize. Myself and the entire Cake Solutions team will have much easier position in recommending & introducing Scala and Akka at our consulting gigs, shamelessly using the argument from authority: “but Rod Johnson himself has joined Typesafe!”

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Mohan Kumar Muddana replied on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 11:34am

Good to hear, I was feeling it was apparent after he started enjoying some coding in Scala. Great people are followed as what they are upto in their next ventures.

Slim Ouertani replied on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 12:45pm in response to: Mohan Kumar Muddana

Good luck for him !  predicted it according : 

 He is also enjoying being able to spend some time coding again, and is considering spending some time learning Scala 

Henk De Boer replied on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 3:58pm

typical Java EE beasts lurking inside your favorite Java EE application server.

I'm really curious what "typical Java EE beast" is lurking inside my favorite Java EE application server. Is there a WebSphere in my GlassFish AS?

Is there a WebSphere in TomEE? Wondering how that would fit in the 25MB that's the completely download size of TomEE...

Vadim Pesochinskiy replied on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 4:49pm

He joined the Board of Directors, which is different from joining Typesafe and will definitely not require coding.

Mohan Kumar Muddana replied on Mon, 2012/10/01 - 5:08pm in response to: Vadim Pesochinskiy

Though he might not involved directly in coding (bad to say that, as he loves coding in scala), but he will provide definitive guide to programming using Typesafe

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