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Quick Install for tcServer 2.5 with Spring Insight in STS

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Installation & Config

  1. Download tcServer Developer’s Edition – current version is 2.5.1 (free registration required)
  2. Make a directory for tcServer (such as /opt/tcserver or c:\tcserver)
  3. Unzip the downloaded file into that directory
  4. Type at command line in your tcServer directory (.sh for unix/mac, .bat for Windows): tcruntime-instance.sh create myInsight -t insight
  5. Start STS (I am using 2.7.1)
  6. From menu: File > New > Other… > Server > Server
  7. Scroll to VMware, choose VMware vFabric tcServer 2.5
  8. Click Configure Runtime Environments link
  9. Add new tcServer, setting the location to your tcServer directory, press OK
  10. Choose the newly configured Server Runtime Environment from the drop down
  11. Press Next
  12. Choose Existing Instance radio button
  13. Choose myInsight from the dropdown

Deploying & Running with Insight

  1. R-click on a web app, Run on Server (or drag and drop to tcServer in Server view)
  2. If server not running press the Green play arrow in the Server view toolbar
  3. Popup: Spring Insight is Available… enable gathering of metrics? – Click YES
  4. Connect to your app – e.g. http://localhost:8080/myapp
  5. Connect to Insight – http://localhost:8080/insight

From http://gordondickens.com/wordpress/2011/07/27/quick-install-for-tcserver-2-5-with-spring-insight-in-sts/

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