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Python vs. R for Data Science

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This: Python Displacing R As The Programming Language For Data Science.

Recently, I've had a former colleague asking questions about Data Science. See Obstinate Idiocy.

They - weirdly - insisted that the only language that made sense to them was Excel.

My response was a blunt "What?"

The Python vs. R post cited above clarifies the reasons why a programming language is a better choice than a "tool" or "platform."

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Michal Hlavac replied on Tue, 2013/12/03 - 6:55am

 No offence Steve, but can you tell me please, how is this article related to java?

Allen Coin replied on Tue, 2013/12/03 - 9:48am in response to: Michal Hlavac

Hi Michal,

I wanted to reply to your comment because Steve, as a valued member of our MVB program, did not choose to publish this article in Javalobby. It was published in Javalobby by one of DZone's curators, who wanted to share this particular piece with our audience, which tends to congregate in Javalobby. You'll notice that we don't exclusively publish Java-related content in Javalobby, because DZone's audience of developers work in many different fields. We hope that Steve's article is interesting and useful for our readers who work with Big Data.


Michal Hlavac replied on Tue, 2013/12/03 - 10:20am in response to: Allen Coin

 Hi Allen,

thanks for reply. It's not only about Steve's article. There is a lot of java unrelated content here. I don't understand why it's named java then.

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