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Problems with eclipse Helios and Flex Builder 3 plugin

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This week I’ve had a problem. I’d like to work with Adobe Flex using a new eclipse version Helios and Flex Builder 3 eclipse plugin. I realized which the flex perspective didn’t show up. After some researches, I found a incompatibility problem between eclipse Helios and Flex Builder 3 eclipse plugin. But, “googling” I found the solution and post it.

The first thing to verify is try to install eclipse Helios and Flex Builder 3 eclipse plugin. If doesn’t work, we’ll try some alternatives:

  • After install Flex Builder 3 eclipse plugin, the directory “links” is created in the eclipse directory root. There is a file “”. Open it. The file’s content is Flex Builder‘s path. If it doesn’t have the attribute “path=” before Flex Builder‘s path, put it. Save the file and restart the eclipse.

I did some tests and do it resolve the problem. But if it doesn’t work, we must to do one more thing:

  • Download ProblemManager patch. Go to “Flex Builder 3 Plug-in\eclipse\plugins\com.adobe.flexbuilder.project_3.0.214193\“ directory. Unpack the class, inside of  “zornproject.jar“ file, in the path “com/adobe/flexbuilder/project/compiler/internal“.

Restart the eclipse and in menu go to “Window > Open Perspective > Other” and Voilá!

After some tests, I didn’t find any problems. I think the plugin is working fine.

Valdemar Jr ( Trying to resolve the problems, for a best codification )

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