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PostgreSQL vs. NoSQL: Your Database is a Humvee

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If you're wondering about the similarities between your database choices and your militarized suburban vehicle choices, Bruce Momjian and Marc Linster have the presentation for you!

This one compares PostgreSQL and NoSQL (as a whole) based on the needs that each meet, and explores some of the NoSQL-like capabilities of Postgres today:

PostgreSQL community co-founder Bruce Momjian, an EnterpriseDB Senior Database Architect, and Marc Linster, SVP, Products and Services will explain:

  • What NoSQL technologies are and the use cases they address
  • Advances in recent Postgres releases that deliver NoSQL-like functionality
  • What to consider when considering a specialized solution
  • Insight from Bruce and Marc on why leveraging Postgres can be a better choice

- Postgres Advances on NoSQL from EnterpriseDB