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Poll Results: Your Thoughts On The Mobile Industry

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A few weeks ago I posted up two polls related to mobile development.  Today I will take a look at the results to see how the DZone audience felt about mobile trends.

The first question asked what platform Java developers were drawn to for mobile application development. I guess it's not surprising that Android is ahead,  as it's the easiest platform for a Java developer to adopt. What did surprise me was the percentage that it won by, taking 70% of the votes. Meanwhile, developing for the iPhone seems to be the most unpopular. 


For the record, I voted for the iPhone, purely due to the amount of the market that the iPhone occupies. Objective-C isn't my language of choice, but there are cross-compilation options, like FlexyCore. The results are encouraging for Google's platform though - it seems it has a lot of the community behind it.  It's good to see there are still some who have faith in JavaFX. 

I also asked if anyone else had fears that the mobile trend is setting the software development industry up for another bubble burst. More than half of you are pretty sure that the mobile trend isn't going anywhere. Another quarter aren't 100% sure but will take the chance anyway. You can look at the results here as a 50-50 split but, either way, the people who believe in the trend are just edging it.


Thanks to everyone who took part in these polls. 



Christopher Wong replied on Wed, 2010/02/17 - 12:25pm

Your poll on mobile development platforms did not list the BlackBerry platform. It is not really a Java ME phone: I doubt any BlackBerry developer thinks he's writing a Java ME app. So your poll basically left out the best-selling smartphone platform in the US. Oops.

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