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Poll Results: We're Not Quite Ready For Web Based IDEs

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Last week, I asked if now was the right time for web-based IDEs, given recent innovations in the IDE space, not least  the CodeRun IDE. DZone readers have cast their votes and it seems like a substantial amount of you (43%) believe that IDEs belong nowhere but on your desktop. A similar amount of people (42%), think that there is a chance the IDEs can work out on the browser platform. The lowest percentage are convinced that browser based IDEs are the way to go. 

So, it looks like right now isn't the time for changing the IDE paradigm. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few months with the rise of tablet devices, in particular the iPad. 

Thanks to everyone who voted in this poll. 



Martin Wildam replied on Tue, 2010/04/13 - 3:02am

Fortunately the web hype stops at one of the most obvious positions.

Mike P(Okidoky) replied on Tue, 2010/04/13 - 10:04am

It seems the whole world wants to shoe horn everything into the browser. As if the browser itself is an OS. We're literally de-evolving. We're now seeing people concocting browser based UI's in opengl through javascript. Awful. I envision something way more cooler. Imagine if a website can run inside a virtual machine. They can then run whatever code they wish, literally go nuts. 2D 3D 4D, C, Java, Assembler, OpenGL, anything.... I find all this cramping-everything-into-browsers all rather pathetic, really.

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