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PC Users, Can YOU Drive Over Your Laptop?

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Originally authored by Jeanne Roue-Taylor

TIm Cook
Apple has been taking its share of criticism recently over a lack of new products. Maybe in answer to that criticism, but I’ll bet for other reasons, Apple’s Tim Cook came out last week and essentially said, “Hey, just you wait.”

In their most recent earnings call, Cook said:

We are really excited about the upcoming releases of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.We are laser focused and working hard on some amazing new products that we will introduce in the Fall and across 2014.

“Amazing” is a big word. But there’s a very compelling reason I believe Tim.

Indestructible Apple

You see, yesterday, my husband left his work backpack in the driveway when we loaded our car. I had no idea, even when I heard the crunch as I backed out of the garage. Inside was my MacBook Air. Only hours before, I made a concerted effort to back up everything to DropBox, not realizing how urgent that need really was.

I hurried inside and opened my bag, immediately spotting the crushed tube of toothpaste and the bent sunglass case. I pulled out my MacBook Air and opened the cover. It instantly turned on, waiting for my password like nothing ever happened. Just another day in Mac Land.

Before you think the car missed it or some other excuse for how it survived, the aluminum case is bent up on the right side and rocks from side to side rather than lying flat, but it is otherwise completely functioning. Oh, and a tiny screw fell out of the case just now.

More importantly, screen’s fine…keyboard good…all systems up and running. It makes me want to buy Apple stock knowing that whatever’s coming, if Tim Cook thinks it’s amazing, it must be.Laptop

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Jean-Baptiste Nizet replied on Mon, 2013/07/29 - 5:02pm

Wow. You really convinced me to buy a Mac. It's been 5 times I've tried to drive over my PC and it never survived. I even bought a lighter-weight car to be able to do that, but it didn't work. If only I had known that Macs could be driven over! That's such a useful feature. Really worth paying thrice the price.

That must be the stupidest post I've read here for a long time.

M Leslie replied on Tue, 2013/07/30 - 3:38am in response to: Jean-Baptiste Nizet

@Jean Writing it on my MBP but I have to agree with you. I once drove my car over my Nokia N95 and it survived. Screen was scratched but the phone worked. But that doesnt mean I will go around buying Nokia shares. I have since then moved to iPhone and now to Nexus 4. 

Why is this article in Java Dzone ? 

Jessica Brown replied on Mon, 2014/02/10 - 12:31pm

Your misfortune apart, you can now be sure that buying a MacBook Air was the right choice. I've never faced such a situation, nor do I wish to, I'm always careful with my computer. The only problem I had with it was because of an online threat, but I solved the issue thanks to and ever since then I'm protected and my data is safe.  

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