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OSGi for JavaScript Article Baffles Devs

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A post by Dan Woods this week surprised a lot of developers with its title, OSGi Targets JavaScript, Native.  Although there was an idea in 2007 for a language agnostic OSGi standard, the issue hasn't been revisited since then.

What the new OSGi design repository on GitHub shows is a new specification proposal for JavaScript Microservices. 

I'll agree that the popularity of polyglot applications (either polyglot in language or persistence) is increasing, at least by the fact that developers seem to be interested in building more of them.  I'm less confident, however, that an OSGi-like standard that was crafted for Java programming will be palatable to JavaScript programmers.  They are already pretty happy with the tools, like NPM, being crafted by the community for modularity.  

What are your thoughts?  Do the OSGi users and general Java developer communities have enough interest in modular JavaScript to help this spec come to fruition?


Neil Bartlett replied on Mon, 2013/08/12 - 5:56pm

Who's confused? Do you have links to blog posts, tweets etc?

It's true that large parts of OSGi are only directly relevant to Java; but other parts, such as the service-oriented component model, are very generic across OO languages. The OSGi community has a lot of experience with this model. The hard part is recognising where our experience is valuable and applicable, versus where it's just legacy baggage to be discarded.

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Tue, 2013/08/13 - 9:36am in response to: Neil Bartlett

Sure.  I found this story through the surprised tweets actually.  Here was one.
And I found a few others like that.  Not necessarily negative, just surprised by this major news.

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