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Markus is a Developer Advocate at Red Hat and focuses on JBoss Middleware. He is working with Java EE servers from different vendors since more than 14 years and talks about his favorite topics around Java EE on conferences all over the world. He has been a principle consultant and worked with different customers on all kinds of Java EE related applications and solutions. Beside that he has always been a prolific blogger, writer and tech editor for different Java EE related books. He is the Java Community leader of the German DOAG e.V. and it's representative on the iJUG e.V. As a Java Champion and former ACE Director he is well known in the community. Markus is a DZone MVB and is not an employee of DZone and has posted 170 posts at DZone. You can read more from them at their website. View Full User Profile

Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c - first experiences!

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Oracle announces Oracle WebLogic Server 12c the latest release of the #1 application server in this very minute. In exactly one hour from now you can attend the online launch, Developer Deep-Dive, December 1, 11:00 a.m. PT (Register here). Read the complete press release. I am quoted there, too:

"Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is exactly what I have been waiting for. Developing Java EE 6 applications for Oracle W! ebLogic Server has never been easier. Development, deployment, management and productivity have now been taken to the next level, which makes Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, in my opinion, the most reliable Java EE application server ever." said Markus Eisele, a German Software Architect and Consultant.
I had the pleasure to contribute to the beta program and give my recent developments a try with WebLogic After long years we finally have the full Java EE 6 profile up and running on WebLogic server. Beside the Java EE 6 specs, you already know, you also get a complete Java SE 7 certified Java EE runtime.
Together with the new WLS 12c you also can start with the latest Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse (OEPE beta) release which fully supports WebLogic Server 12c ( Note: This is a pre-GA version of Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse 12.1.1. It gives you a rich, widely-used development tool with which you can develop and test Java EE 6 applications on WebLogic Server 12c.

The release is based on the Eclipse 3.7 Indigo platform. A number of Oracle developed plugins are also bundled to help you build, deploy and test applications with WebLogic Server. The "Oracle WebLogic Server tools plugin" delivers the tight integration into the IDE. You can control, deploy and debug your applications right from Eclipse. The "WebLogic Server Scripting Tools" allow you to create, execute, and debug WLST scripts. The "Coherence Tools" assist you with building, configuring, running, and debugging Coherence distributed caches. The "JPA Tools" assist you with the development of JPA 2.0 based applications. And last but not least the "Web Tier tools plugin" supports the development of Java EE 6 Web applications.

The coolest part of the beta was the test application. It was the ConferencePlanner which was used to demonstrate the new PaaS capabilities of GlassFish 4.0 at the JavaOne2011 Keynote.

It has been developed by Arun Gupta using Java EE 6 using the Java EE 6 Reference Implementation, GlassFish 3.1. Even if I did not port it personally, I was only running it, I heard that it was a breeze doing it. WebLogic understands the GlassFish deployment descriptors and the only thing that needed to be changed was the used database. This summarizes my own experiences with the deployment of existing Java EE 6 GlassFish apps, too. It was comparably easy. If you have ever find yourself porting GF 2.x to WLS 10.x you know that this is a huge progress. The only thing that still is a bit tricky are the security related artifacts. Especially if you are using custom realms and login modules. You simply have to dig into the details. This is not the fault of either WebLogic or GlassFish but probably of the thin specification there.

Final words: Go for it! After a very long wait for Java EE 6 support you can finally give it a try! And it's worth it! Good to see WLS back in the field of the players! Thanks Mike, thanks Steve, thanks Oracle!


From http://blog.eisele.net/2011/12/oracle-announces-availability-of-oracle.html

Published at DZone with permission of Markus Eisele, author and DZone MVB.

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Henk De Boer replied on Mon, 2011/12/05 - 5:36pm

So of all the parties who are in the business of creating application servers, it appears that again JBoss is one of the last to come with an offering. It's beaten by products that are traditionally very slow to adopt new standards: IBM Websphere and Oracle (formerly Bea) WebLogic.

In all fairness, JBoss had an unofficial Java EE 6 release (JBoss AS 6), but this one was not certified and when that became clear it was end-of-lived only weeks after being released.

They were also extremely late with an official Java EE 5 release (I remember all the "Where is JBoss AS 5?" articles). The reason back then was that they completely rebuild their microkernel from scratch. Now with AS 7, they have again build everything from scratch.

Well, at least congratulations to the WebLogic team ;) 




Geoffrey De Smet replied on Tue, 2011/12/06 - 5:02am

Henk, JBoss AS 7 did release a web profile that is EE6 certified on 2011-07-12, almost 5 months ago: see JBoss AS 7 downloads.

Ash Mughal replied on Wed, 2012/01/25 - 7:14pm

Here are more details from the oracle official site.

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c is the industry's best application server for building and deploying enterprise Java EE applications with support for new features for lowering cost of operations, improving performance, enhancing scalability and supporting the Oracle Applications portfolio. 

WebLogic Server Java EE applications are based on standardized, modular components; WebLogic Server provides a complete set of services for those modules and handles many details of application behavior automatically, without requiring programming.

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