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The OneNote Services API

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What does the OneNote Service API do?
Using the OneNote Service API is EASY
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Write apps to take notes, gather research, and succeed. The OneNote service API is designed to make it easy to write apps that let students do research for term papers and reports, families share plans and ideas, shoppers share images—all the things that interest them most. They use your app to grab the information they want and your app then uses the API to send the information to their personal OneNote notebook, stored in Microsoft OneDrive.

Integrate with OneNote to organize information, plans and life. Combining your apps with the simple notebook, section and pages metaphor, your app users can make plans, organize projects and groups, and handle the overflowing information that is their life.

Reach millions of OneNote users on all the major platforms. As part of Microsoft Office, and available separately on a wide variety of platforms, millions of people worldwide actively use OneNote. When you publish your apps to capture information into the fully-featured OneNote environment, the cross-platform market potential is simply too big to ignore.

Capture information in many formats. The API enables your app to capture HTML, images embedded in the request or at a URL, video, audio, email messages, and other common file types. Your app can even capture a snapshot image of a web page for historical records and archiving.

Stay tuned as we expand and improve. Capturing to OneNote is just the start for the API. We have some great ideas, and are adding features regularly. Jump in early, add capabilities as we do, and grow with us.

Of today's many OneNote announcements, the best is hard to pick (free is heard to beat), but being a dev I have to pick the new OneNote Services API. With it and the new ITTT support, I've been able to make a very workflow change to how I gather the news items I find cool. Before I used favorites (yeah, yeah, I know, but it worked and has worked for years), today I've moved to OneNote, but the new Clip Note and NewsBlur - IFTTT support. I've now got full text indexing, search and syncing for everything I find that's "cool." Now that's cool!

And I can't wait for what else this new capability enables.

Was today the day that OneNote finally takes over? Could be... could be... (we'll know for sure if it becomes a verb, "Just OneNote it... "

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