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One More Nail in the JavaOne Coffin?

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For months there's been no announcement from Sun or Oracle about JavaOne 2010, or the future of the conference in general.  Vladimir Vivien, who runs the Tampa Java Users Group (JUG), told DZone that the usual deadline for JavaOne has come and gone.  The deadline on JavaOne 2009's call for papers was December 19, 2008.  That was the latest deadline in the past three years.  JavaOne 2008's deadline for submissions was November 16, 2007 and JavaOne 2007's deadline was December 15, 2006.  


"I have had presented at JavaOne in the past so I usually watch for the call for the 'call for papers' announcement," said Vivien.  "I think Java developers have to face the Oracle reality that things will change.  JavaOne being one of them.  It will be unfortunate if they cut J1 out or merge it with OracleWorld.  However, the financial realities probably of the acquisition may not allow for Oracle to run both conferences.  In any case, Java is such a strong brand (and I think they know it) that they may just rearrange things around a bit to accommodate an Oracle-branded JavaOne anyway (that would be great)."

The chances that JavaOne 2010 will be held around the same time as past conferences are slim.  For the last two conferences, there was about a six month interval between the call for papers deadline and the conference dates.  Last year the deadline was in December and the conference was in June.  The year before that, the deadline was in November and the conference was in May.  However, JavaOne 2007 was held in May and the submission date was in December - a five month interval.  JavaOne 2010 is still on the books at the Moscone Center between June 22 and June 25, but even if the selection process could be compressed down to five months, like it has in the past, the conference would have to put the submissions deadline at the end of January.  By then we should know whether or not the Oracle acquisition goes through, but a January deadline on such short notice would probably not be feasible.     

Van Riper, a leader of the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG, told DZone that closing the Oracle deal is probably Sun's primary concern right now: "I don't believe any final decision about JavaOne will be made until after the deal is completed (or at least they won't communicate what that decision is until the deal is completed, which amounts to the same thing from our view on the outside looking in).  If it drags on much longer, that would mean that at a minimum the date would have to be moved later. If it happens soon though, they could choose to keep the current date and compress the schedule for submissions/approvals somehow."  Pieter Humphrey, a principal product director at Oracle, confirmed Riper's suspicions adding, "Exactly right Van, both Sun and Oracle are kind of in limbo until the tx closes."

In October, The Register published an article citing an unnamed source from Oracle saying that JavaOne was done.  While the confirmation of that story has not surfaced in two months, DZone asked members of the Java community how they felt about a possible end to JavaOne.  Rather than push the 2010 conference back to July or August, Oracle may just decide to pull JavaOne into the Oracle OpenWorld conference, which takes place in the fall.  Whatever happens to 2010's JavaOne, the bigger question will be: "What is the plan for all future JavaOne conferences?"


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Are you still waiting for JavaOne 2010's call for papers?  What do you think's going to happen to JavaOne?  How would you feel if JavaOne was over?




James Sugrue replied on Wed, 2009/12/30 - 2:07pm

If Oracle did go ahead with JavaOne 2010 (which is looking extremely unlikely) it would be a clear signal of their intent to support Java and the community. A merge of JavaOne talks with Oracle's OpenWorld conference wouldn't work as well as a dedicated conference.

I think it would be disappointing not to have a flagship conference for the Java community. Java developers do have other conference options but none compare with JavaOne for range and focus.

Casper Bang replied on Thu, 2009/12/31 - 12:42am

Then again, for developer substance, Devoxx is more appealing - since it's not a trade show and is not driven by yet another JavaFX eyecandy demo.

Gregory Smith replied on Thu, 2009/12/31 - 11:07am

The best conference in the Java world, perhaps the best conference anywhere, was the Colorado Software Summit held during the last week of October ever year in beautiful Keystone, Colorado. It was non-comercial and focused mostly on learning new free and open sourced technologies related to Java development.

It was very reasonably priced and yet you were treated like royalty. There was a Sunday night opening buffet and they provided a first class breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack everyday.

Another great thing about it was that if you stayed over the weekend following the conference and flew home on Sunday as I did, you could get in your first day of skiing for the season at nearby Loveland or A-Basin.

Unfortunately the bad economy forced its cancellation in 2009. Maybe they could move JavaOne to Keystone, Colorado for the last week of October in lieu of the CSS. Then just reduce the price, make it into a non-comercial learning experience for bleeding edge Java-related open source technologies, treat all of the attendees like honored guests and provide all the amenitiesof the CSS and - ok, I'm dreaming.

Tony Childs replied on Thu, 2009/12/31 - 11:29am

@Casper: Unfortunately Devoxx is in Europe, which is non-trivial with respect to expense and time for those of us in the US. Then again, Java One is pricey, so maybe it's a wash.

Mark Unknown replied on Thu, 2009/12/31 - 6:56pm

I'd love to go to at least one - Commercial or not.  Maybe this year.

Jeroen Wenting replied on Tue, 2010/01/05 - 1:33am

@Tony: Unfortunately JavaOne is in the US, which is non-trivial with respect to expense and time for those of us in Europe. Then again, Devoxx is cheap, so there is an alternative.

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