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Official Android UI Design Guidelines Announced

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Google has just announced Android Design guidelines. This is a huge step forwards for the platform! I urge everyone to head to the site at: developer.android.com/design

I think this is going effect to my site too. There's no longer need to explain the patterns that Google covers but let's see where we are heading. One thing is sure though: Android as a platform has much brighter future now!


From http://www.androiduipatterns.com/2012/01/official-android-ui-design-guidelines.html

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The Nonhacker replied on Sat, 2012/01/14 - 5:35am

Isn't this too late?

Besides, UI Fragmentation is not a big issue.

Version Fragmentation is the most important issue Google should be dealing with now.

Kathy Blackmore replied on Thu, 2012/04/19 - 1:40am

I think Google is missing the point here, while of course it is appreciated that they are taking steps to reduce the fragmentation, I personally agree with The Nonhacker that version fragmentation is a much bigger issue than UI.

 Kathy - http://www.cartridgeshop.co.uk

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