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Nvidia CEO Says Android is the Gaming OS of the Future

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According to Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, Android is the gaming OS of the future. The Nvidia Shield is an Android-based mobile gaming platform that can also be used, after a recent software update, as a living room micro-console. Obviously Huang's statement comes with some bias, then, but it's an interesting prediction nonetheless. According to a recent Techcrunch article on the statement:

Android’s potential goes beyond gaming into virtually every corner of connected living, however, says Huang. Tegra’s presence in automotive systems and set-top boxes, data centers, all-in-one PCs and more make it the perfect platform for the future, Huang noted.”

With other Android gaming systems getting a lot of attention lately - a redesigned Ouya 2.0 is coming out in 2014, for example - there does seem to be something to the assertion. What do you think? Is Android the gaming OS of the future, or is this just marketing hype? For Android developers everywhere - game developers in particular - hopefully Huang is right.

Check out the full Techcrunch article for more of Huang's predictions for Android and Tegra.