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Nothing To Do But Code on a Tropical Island

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If you're at a loose end for two months, you could do worse than spend the time hacking on a tropical island.  An event named "Come Hack With US" plans to send 12 programmers to an island, with all catering and cleaning looked after so they can focus on the code.

"I lived with a few people in Alaska working on a project and that was an amazing experience," said Walter Heck, organiser of the Come Hack With US hackathon. "Why can we not recreate that experience in a tropical and remote location so we can really focus on our projects?"

It sounds like a great opportunity for someone looking for a brief change of scene. To ensure that only the people serious about this would apply, participants need to cover the travel expenses along with a small fee to attend.

Have you, or your company, ever had the chance to try extended periods of time with 100% focus on coding, and no outside distractions? If so, did it boost creativity or achieve anything big?



Reference: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-19018930


Milos Kleint replied on Mon, 2012/07/30 - 1:42am

the usual motivation for journey to a tropical island is to get away from work.

There are easier and cheaper ways of cutting yourself from environment to work, like civil defense bunkers. The added benefit there is that you don't have to explain the relatives why you spent so much money on travelling to work.

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