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NightHacking Worldwide Event with Brian Goetz

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On January 16th, I will be holding a worldwide hack day with Brian Goetz and Stuart Marks on Java 8 lambdas. This will be a 3 hour lab on Java 8 lambdas kicked off with a live streamed presentation from Brian Goetz. Brian and Stuart will stay for the duration to answer questions and help with the lab, and we will have other surprises in store for the live stream.

To participate, just sign up on the NightHacking Worldwide site and it will help you find others nearby to self organize. You may find that your local Java User Group is having an event you can join, but if not, grabbing a conference room and hacking with a few of your coworkers is more than enough.

Probably the most important thing is to follow the new NightHacking twitter handle here to get event updates: @_NightHacking

All you need for logistics is a computer to hack on and a good internet connect to watch the stream. If you are hanging with other hackers, having a dedicated machine hooked up to a projector or TV to watch the stream will probably help as well. We will also have a Google Hangout setup if you want to join via webcam, but this is optional.

And registering for the event on the NightHacking Worldwide site is as easy as 1..2..3:

1. Go to the NightHacking Worldwide site, which will show you if there are any events in your location.


2. Click on an existing community and say you are attending.
3. Or start a new community of your own.

It should be an exciting event, and if it is successful we will repeat it with other topics and speakers.  If you have questions about event logistics, please reply in the comments below or ask me on twitter (@_NightHacking).

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