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Next Version of Android Tools Will Allow User Created Templates

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Roman Nurik posted great news to Google+ today. The upcoming version of Android tooling will allow users to create templates. This opens doors to whole new kind of Android open source projects providing application and activity templates to help developers get started with projects much faster.

I'm a big fan of the way Google is doing this. Until now they've provided us only with couple of templates (which are already very useful) and have promised to create more but a team of developers can never match the power of enthusiastic crowd of Android developers. Now, they unleash this powerful tool to us. Projects like the ActionBarSherlock can provide templates that help developers get started with projects as well as tons of things we can't even guess yet. In any case put your thinking caps on and star thinking about the possibilities. There's going to be a whole new set of opportunities for projects to get fame and reputation as the defacto templates for different things.

Head to Google+ to read the Roman's post here. Checkout the temporarily hosted documentation here (note: this link can expire at any point. It is only a temporary location!).

Huge thanks to the Android tools team!!
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