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New Refcardz Topics: Your Call!

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We've published almost 200 Refcardz! -- our six-page, deep-diving, peer-reviewed cheat sheets on topics related to software development.

As we approach our third Refcardz century, we'd love to hear more from you -- about which topics you'd like to see covered in future cards, how you use existing cards, and how we can improve all kinds of content on DZone.

We're also mulling over two new kinds of content: (a) checklists (we give you something that covers the basics, plus a template you can customize for your particular project) and (b) 'briefing your non-technical boss' packets (stats, terms, flowcharts, and talking points to help devs communicate with non-devs on technical topics).

So let us know what you'd like us to give you! by filling out a quick five-question survey below.

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