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A New Life for Play!yalP

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It’s been a while since I blogged last. The world of Play (certainly Play 1.x) has slowed, I guess as would have been expected when it was put into maintenance mode. I have also been doing lots of things Play related, but certainly nothing new. Suddenly, within a week of each other, I have 2 Play related stories to share.

First of all, Play is getting new life pumped into it. Secondly, I have been playing with OpenShift. I’ll come back to OpenShift later (maybe tomorrow), but for now let’s talk about Yalp.

After months of talking about the concept of forking Play and creating a new framework, the community has finally kicked into life and a new framework has been initialised. There have been a number of discussions on the playone discussion group (separated because of the noise of Play 2 in the Play google-group was making it hard to see Play 1 issues).

The first things have been to decide on a name, figure out some framework level issues (like the build system) and get the guiding principles in place. Helena Hjerten pointed out that searchable is a key issue, and a name that isn’t generic is a huge plus, so Nico suggested Yalp! Following a democratic survey, the name has been agreed, and the process of forking away from Play 1 has started.

It is early days and the community could really do with your help. If you have not already moved across to Play 2, and don’t intend to, then maybe join in on the discussion for the direction, scope and requirements of this evolving framework.

I for one hope that it is a success. I don’t have anything against Play 2, I think for certain requirements it is excellent, but for the majority of web applications I am building at the moment, the simplicity and productivity Play 1 gave me would still make me choose Play 1. The only downside is it’s no longer evolving and hopefully Yalp will solve this.


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