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NetBeans 6.9: Essential for JavaFX Developers

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The latest version of NetBean is now available for download. The big addition for this release is the JavaFX Composer, which provides a nice visual GUI builder for your GUI applications. Rapid UI development like this should really help with JavaFX adoption. 

The other big features include OSGi framework support in the NetBeans platform, most notably Eclipe's Equinox, as well as the Felix OSGi framework. There's also support for Spring 3.0, JavaCard 3, JSR-299 (Contexts and Dependency Injection), Rails 3 and PHP Zend support. 

Looks like a very complete release, that should prompt people who haven't seen any of the newer NetBeans releases to take a look and re-evaluate. 

There's a nice set of screencasts available. Geertjan provides this video that shows how to use NetBeans 6.9 for your application development: 

There's also a great video showing how to use the JavaFX Composer



Ryan Developer replied on Wed, 2010/06/16 - 9:32pm

The JavaFX video has some issues.  Parts of it repeat 2 or 3 times, and just before it ends it talks about things that are not visible on the screen.   I'd like to see an example of a semi-sophisticated CRUD application with good architectual design (not just quick & easy for a demo), and how to incorporate richness that RIA's are known for.  When I saw the first demo use a cirle, I immediately thought of bouncing balls demos which are not useful to business application developers.   Maybe watch some Flex tutorial videos for ideas.   I want to see Java FX succeed and thrive.  What phones are on the market today that support Java FX?  Which TVs?

Spentmoretime M... replied on Wed, 2010/06/16 - 10:47pm

Sun demod JavaFX on Android but didn't release it... WHY????

Max Katz replied on Fri, 2010/06/18 - 11:43am

If anyone is looking for Eclipse tooling, check out Exadel JavaFX Plug-in for Eclipse: http://exadel.org/javafxplugin


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