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Neo4j Users Build Cypher Shell for Logging

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On the BioCodersHub community website, a recent post announced a little tool for Neo4j and the graph database query language, Cypher.  These developers needed Neo4j and Cypher to perform a certain style of logging, so they built a utility that did that and open sourced it.

Our problem was a data access problem.   We built a loader, loaded our data into neo4j, and then queried it.  However we ran into a little problem:  Neo4j at the time of release logs in the home directory (at least on linux redhat) what query was ran (its there as a hidden file).  However, it doesn’t log what time it was run at.  One other problem as an administrator point of view is not having a complete log of all queries and data access.  So we built a cypher shell that would do the logging the way we needed to log.  Future iterations of this shell will have REST cypher queries and not use the embedded mode (which is faster but requires a local connection to the data).  We also wanted a way in the future to output results to a file.

The current iteration of it is here.

-- BioCodersHub

Go check out the post and the GitHub page for examples on how to use it.