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Nanomsg 0.2 Release Today Adds "Nanocat"

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Martin Sustrik, one of the co-creators of ZeroMQ, just tweeted about the new release of his latest messaging utility: Nanomsg.  It's been about one month since the first release of the C-based, ZeroMQ-like project and the project is still considered 'alpha'-stage software, but the enthusiasm around the project is pretty significant

Nanomsg 0.2 added around 120 patches and one crucial new feature: a command-line interface.  The CLI for Nanomsg is called "nanocat," and you can check it out right here in the new nanocat manual page.

Kudos go out to Paul Colomiets , who is listed as the author of this new feature.


Lester Burnham replied on Wed, 2013/09/25 - 9:42am

 A post on dzone.com considers two other posts on dzone.com as "pretty significant" enthusiasm? Come on, put the bar a little higher. (And yes, I noticed that those other posts point to some external stuff happening - but far from "significant".)

Mitch Pronschinske replied on Wed, 2013/09/25 - 2:03pm in response to: Lester Burnham

Good point, Lester.  Here's a little more evidence that has led me to think that the enthusiasm is (I know it's a subjective word...) 'significant'.


That was an article from Martin Sustrik posted as a link on HN that lays out the philosophy he wants to implement for Nanomsg, and those stats seem to indicate, to me, an enthusiastic response at least for the idea behind Nanomsg.

It's hard to gauge for certain, I agree, but from what I can tell, it looks like a lot of people want to see Nanomsg grow and succeed. 

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