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MPAndroidChart: A Library for Charts & Graphs in Android

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If you're looking for some ways to chart and visualize your data in an Android app, here's a library that might make your life a bit easier: MPAndroidChart.

It does exactly what it sounds like: provides a hefty set of tools to help you create slick-looking representations of your data - line and bar graphs, pie charts, and so on - along with the options you'd need to interact with them. Something like this, for example:

(Source: MPAndroidChart GitHub)

Despite the disappointingly low revenue of Quarter 1 above, that's pretty cool. There's also an example app on the Play Store if you want to get a feel for what it all looks like - that's really the point of all this anyways, says creator Philip J. - and a demo video, too:

Slap this together with some Flat UI for Android, or Android Bootstrap, or something like that, and you've got a quick UI complete with whatever charts or graphs you might need.