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Tasktop for Eclipse - Get More out of Mylyn

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Get Started Quickly

So you’re convinced Mylyn and Tasktop are just what you need, but what is involved in getting things up and running quickly? From here you have three options:

a) Want to dive right in? Download a free trial of Tasktop Pro from (registration required). This is recommended for those who would like to explore the full suite of enhancements which includes complete Time Tracking and Reporting and much more. For more details on Tasktop Pro for Eclipse see

b) Would like to dive right in but don’t use Eclipse? Tasktop Pro is available as a standalone application which you can use in parallel with your other IDE or simply for managing your personal day to day activities. Visit for more details.

c) Just want to get your feet wet? Try out Tasktop Starter (free) which includes a subset of the Tasktop Pro features including a basic Time Reporting dashboard (no reporting), Gmail, IMAP, and streamlined Partner Connector installs (discussed below). Tasktop Starter, is recommended for those who would like to try out a few Tasktop features while ensuring they have the latest version of Mylyn. You can get Tasktop Starter and Mylyn from one of the following update sites:
• Eclipse 3.4 (Mylyn 3.0):
• Eclipse 3.3 (Mylyn 3.0):

For a matrix of which features are included in each of the Tasktop products, please see

Once you have Tasktop installed (be it Starter or Pro), you will want to get connected to the task repository (bug/issue tracker) used by your development team. Tasktop comes with Bugzilla integration and includes a Partner Connectors page that makes installation of other leading task repositories dead simple. Open the Tasktop Home ( ) then select the Partner Connectors tab. From this page (Figure 18) you can easily install popular task repository connectors including: Jira, CollabNet, and Rally. Simply press the “install” link for the connector of your choice and it will be installed and ready for use after restart.

Figure 18

If your connector of choice isn’t offered here, see the Tasktop FAQ ( for instructions detailing installation of other connectors including Trac and XPlanner.


The increasingly high volume of information and interruption that we have to deal with is pushing our limits of concentration. Mylyn gives developers a leg up providing tool support for tracking the code elements visited and time spent on a task, making multitasking a lot easier. Tasktop, building on Eclipse Mylyn, extends the task-focused paradigm beyond the IDE and source code to other aspects of work.

With the Summer release, Tasktop Starter is freely available and an excellent way for keeping Mylyn up to date while exploring a few benefits of the Tasktop extensions. If you’re a long time Mylyn user, Tasktop Pro is the next step to improving your productivity, extending task context to web and documents and integrating with your other email and calendaring tools.

We at Tasktop Technologies are always interested in hearing what you think of our products. Drop us a line ( once you’ve had a chance to try out the Tasktop Summer release!

For this article and other publications on Tasktop, Mylyn and the task-focused interface see:


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