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The Mobilecast #18 - BYOD for Everybody

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The Mobilecast #18 - BYOD for Everybody (44:40)

Date: October 13, 2013

By: Brian Katz

Description: Brian Katz chats with Brett Belding (@bbelding), Senior Manager at Cisco IT, all about how Cisco does BYOD and about the journey to get there. They start with what the landscape of Cisco looked like in 2002 and quickly bring it up to present day. They discuss some of the challenges of going BYOD, along with many of the successes.

Topic 1 – Landscape at Cisco IT, where they came from, and how they started moving to BYOD.
Topic 2 – BYOD and self-service – how to provide support without providing support?
Topic 3 – Policy, we need a stinking policy?
Topic 4 – How does personal responsibility play into mobile?
Topic 5 – What devices do you allow?
Topic 6 – How are you approaching iOS 7?
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