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MessQ: A Simple Message Queue for Socket-Based Message Enqueue/Dequeue Facility

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I've spent a good amount of time setting up message-based infrastructures, so I decided to make a tool that would allow me to set up localhost friendly, network available message queues much quicker so I could try out all the things I wanted.

So here is Mess(age)Q(ueue). Something I've quickly thrown together. I will work on it later to get it more performance oriented, but right now it is good to go for smaller projects.

@GitHub:      https://github.com/abhishekkr/messQ
@RubyGems: https://rubygems.org/gems/messQ

A Quick Test

[+] Install
$ gem install messQ --no-ri --no-rdoc

[+] Start Server (starts at on port#5566)

$ messQ --start [+] Enqueue user-id & home value to the Queue $ messQ -enq $USER $ messQ --enqueue $HOME [+] Dequeue 2 values from Queue

$ messQ -deq $ messq --dequeue [+] Stop Server $ messQ --stop _________________________

Via Code

[+] Install

$ gem install messQ --no-ri --no-rdoc
or add following to your Gemfile
gem 'messQ'
require 'messQ'

[+] Start Server

MessQ.host = '' # default is

MessQ.port = 8888 # default is 5566


[+] Enqueue user-id & home value to the Queue

MessQ.host = '' # default is

MessQ.port = 8888 # default is 5566



[+] Dequeue 2 values from Queue

MessQ.host = '' # default is

MessQ.port = 8888 # default is 5566

puts MessQ::Agent.dequeue

puts MessQ::Agent.dequeue

[+] Stop Server

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