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Links You Don't Want to Miss (May 16)

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Full-Text, Client-Side Search in CSS3
This is a pretty simple and straightforward trick you should try out if you just want to search for items on one page.  Sure you can also use Ctrl+F, but this looks a lot nicer.

Two Models of Computation: or, Why I'm Switching Trains
Here's a quick discussion of two computation models: the lambda calculus and the Turing machine.


Georgia Tech to offer MS in Computer Science for $7,000
Georgia Tech is planning to offer a 100% online, accredited, Master of Science in Computer Science degree for an extremely competitive (and tentative) $7,000.

The New Yorker Launches Strongbox for Whistleblowers
Strongbox is a completely anonymous messaging service designed by late programmer Aaron Swartz. It’s a way to contact journalists that is more secure than e-mail and theoretically untraceable.

3 New APIs for Android Announced at Google I/O
One of the new APIs will find the location of your phone using 1% of the power that the former API did. Another API can determine if you’re biking, walking, or driving.

Facebook Bans Facebook Russian Roulette
Described by its creator as more a “provocation” than a game, this app spun a chamber and, one-sixth of the time, deleted your Facebook account. The Facebook folks were, understandably, not pleased.

GAE adds PHP Runtime, Google Compute Engine Now Open to Everyone
This week at Google I/O, the search giant made a couple big announcements about their existing cloud offerings while also introducing Google Cloud Datastore.  

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Bing Translation Adds Klingon
Microsoft’s translator has added Klingon language support (as a promotion for Star Trek Into Darkness). So if you like Star Trek, maybe today can be your annual visit to Bing.




Andrea Del Bene replied on Thu, 2013/05/16 - 7:06am

 "maybe today can be your annual visit to Bing."

I love sarcasm :-)

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